Last night Skrillex wrapped up his weekly Beats 1 radio show on Apple Music with a “bonus track” that sounds uncannily like his old band From First To Last. The “Where Are You Now?” producer began his music career as the lead vocalist for the screamo band, going by his real name Sonny Moore, before adopting his current monicker. And while there’s no official confirmation as to whether the snippet was a new song or an old demo, many speculate that a reunion with the original lineup is in the works.

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From First To Last also shared the unknown song through a Facebook link to Moore’s radio show. The Alternative Press reports that the band’s guitarist Matt Good also confirmed they were working on new music in the beginning of May. Since then, the original frontman expressed his interest in working together again but that their schedules could never match up. Could this be shaping up for a reunion? Listen to Skrillex’s “bonus track” and decide for yourself.


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