While the EDM community anticipates the long-awaited Skrillex album, fans of the format have more to be excited about in collaboration form.

During a recent live stream co-opted by Skrillex and DJ Snake, the two, while casually chatting, proposed the idea of putting out a song together. “But we also need something together as well, you know,” Skrillex floated out to the Frenchman. “Some Snake Skrill?” “We gonna get it done this week, trust me,” Snake hit back. “Check your email in like 20 minutes, I’m gonna send you a folder full of ideas. Got some bangers, some weird shit, and let’s go. Let’s have fun.” See the exchange below.

This is not the first time these two’ve made a track together as they melded minds on “Sahara” which appeared on Snake’s debut album Encore. Stay tuned for updates.

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Photo: Brennan Schnell