Session, the Swedish tech start-up formerly known as Auddly, has announced the launch of Creator Credits, an automated music ecosystem that aims to help identify and properly credit contributors to songs and recordings.

The company, co-founded by world-renowned songwriters Max Martin and Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA), has developed technology that assigns producer and writer credits in the studio, then funnels that data along the chain to managers, labels, publishers, rights societies, distributors and, finally, streaming platforms. In the end, this new arrangement will insure that everyone who works on every track within the software will receive the acknowledgement they deserve.

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In order to harvest that data from the beginning of every tune, Session is partnering with Pro Tools maker Avid to embed its technology into the popular studio recording program. Session will then be able to automatically detect and add crucial industry identifiers for songwriters, musicians/performers, producers and editors to a recording before its proper release.

As the business side of this situation seems promising, Creator Credits will also enable streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music to give consumers a more robust menu of liner notes-style information for songs and albums.

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