From “It Ain’t Me” and “Bad Liar” to “Fetish” and now “Wolves,” Selena Gomez has been on fire this year.

One of the few videos that have accompanied “Wolves” includes Gomez participating in a FaceTime call with Marshmello. The singer takes the opportunity to frolic around her house as any fan would to their favorite track.

The clip begins with a text from her collaborator, Marshmello. “So we should probably make a video for this track” he writes. Gomez appears to type a response, but decides to FaceTime him instead. “What are you doing? I cannot stop thinking about our song. Can you just play it?” she asks. With her hair wet, lying on her bed in a pink robe, the singer looks like she just got out of the shower. Dutifully, Marshmello begins to play “Wolves” and that’s when the real video starts.

Unconventionally, but along the lines of a FaceTime chat, the whole music video is vertical. Have fun with this one, and see what a FaceTime with a celebrity looks like!

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