While Selena Gomez has remained a steady presence in pop music throughout the 2010s, this month marks four years since her last proper full-length, 2015’s Revival.

Leading up to the new full length project the 27-year-old has chanteuse dropped two tracks in the last few days with “Lose You to Love Me,” on Wednesday (October 23rd) and after giving listeners 24 hours to digest the gently sweeping ballad, surprised them with another new recording, the more uptempo “Look at Me Now,” on Thursday. Both productions, courtesy of Interscope Records, center around a meditation on self-growth.

While the lyrics of “Lose You to Love Me” have already caused widespread online speculation as to which relationship Gomez is singing about, the sparse, contemplative ballad also represents a provocative single selection from a Top 40 radio mainstay. Some would say it’s a bold move but it also shows the Texas native’s strength. Conversely “Look at Her Now” is a kinetic dance-pop track built around whirring production and a stuttering vocal hook. Check out the newest releases from Selena Gomez below.

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