Selena Gomez just dropped the Galantis remix of her latest single “Fetish,” featuring Gucci Mane.

Embed from Getty Images

Galantis, the Swedish production duo of Linus Eklow and former Bloodshy & Avant member Christian Karlsson, serve up some new sounds from their own perspective as well as in the context of the original song.

While the remix starts out much like the original, the drop is synth-heavy and straight-future bass. There doesn’t seem to be much else different from the original track but this slightly-tweaked version is all you need to get your blood pumping.

Check out Galantis’ remix of Selena Gomez’s “Fetish” below.

The thing about this remix is that there is a whole ton of what sounds exactly like Flume. No doubt, it’s good that Galantis isn’t still 100% banking on their childish-sounding vocals to stay in the game. I like that they are venturing into different sounds and genres, though they may have to watch out for completely copying others’ sounds.

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