Everyone could use a pick-me-up and Selena Gomez may have the answer as the 27-year-old songstress recently took to social media to announce the adoption of a puppy.

In an Instagram live segment, Gomez revealed that she initially took in the canine for foster purposes but fell in love and decided to fully adopt her new four-legged friend and now the dog has a permanent home with a great caretaker.

“I would like to introduce my new family member Daisy,” she said, showing the pup off to her followers. “Winnie and Daisy are getting along really well. And, I know a few friends are fostering right now just to give, like, animals a safe place. I couldn’t help it. I have to keep her.”

The animals have, in fact, gotten along well given a recent post that finds Gomez’s other dog Winnie, whom she adopted in the summer of 2019, cuddling up with the newest addition. Check out some of the cute moments below.

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Photo: Lisabjo