From Avicii’s posthumous album TIM due out June 10th comes his follow up single to “SOS.”

Never one to shy away from challenging, popular, or expected styles, the lateSwedish superstar’s current track is no different. Much like his signature worldwide hit, “Wake Me Up,”, Avicii had an innate ability to see beyond current trends and understand what everyone loved about music.

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The new recording, “Tough Love,” featuring Agnes, Vargas & Lagola is a beautiful, Indian-influenced duet as they sing “Give me tough love/And a lesson to learn/Your tough love/Is what I deserve” over a beat that is surprisingly void of electronic rhythms. In its place are acoustic instruments strummed over a driving kick drum. The Universal Music-released effort throws listeners off the scent of the full collection vibe but is, nevertheless, a new experiment for the prematurely-departed artist. Listen to “Tough Love” below.

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