Yesterday, Chester Bennington’s ex-wife Samantha Bennington expressed her ‘disgust’ over the way the former Linkin Park frontman’s funeral was handled.

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Samantha took to Facebook to pen a lengthy post venting her feelings on the private service. In the post, she called out the funeral organizers, “T”—Bennington’s widow, Talinda—and others for being cold toward her and her son Draven following her ex-husband’s death. “My son & I have not had an opportunity to speak not even at his funeral,” she wrote.

“We haven’t had the opportunity to honor his dad properly for his lifetime, & the lack of respect & honesty is just disgusting!” she continued. “We do not have a place to go or even any of his ashes!” She also derided Talinda for not inviting her to an “after bowling celebration” and criticized the funeral program for looking like “a cheap happy hour menu… I’m so disgusted on so many levels!”

Samantha also said that Draven has not wanted to return to the house where his father committed suicide, which she claims has spurred rumors that she’s been keeping him from his siblings. “You want my son to have some of [Bennington’s] things, then give him something you feel is meaningful,” she said. “[D]o not force him to go into that house he is 15 and even from a year from now I don’t think things will change.”

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Closing the note she wrote, “I hope you like capitalizing on his death…karma is real. I send you back all your energy to you a thousand time folds! Look in the mirror, I hope you like what you see. Business is business but I see zero love.”

You can read her entire letter here.

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