More than a month after performing his emotional rendition of Coldplay‘s “Fix You” as part of an iHeartRadio Living Room Series in May, Sam Smith released the song on Sunday July 5th.

“I love this song, and as soon as I heard it I was just reminded again of how much of a classic it is,” the London-born artist said of the cover before its debut performance. “I’ve never actually seen Chris Martin perform this live, but I really want to, because I’ve fallen in love with this song after singing it.” Smith continued, noting that they fell even more in love with singing over the last few months after practicing others’ songs over and over. Listen to the latest release from Sam Smith via one of their favorite tracks here.

After the March announcement that they wouldn’t be releasing their new album To Die For on May 1st because it “doesn’t feel right,” Smith assured fans that that important changes and tweaks would be made to the project in order to produce a very polished effort. Stay tuned for more updates on the highly-anticipated album to come.

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Photo: Pablo Romeo