A new dance craze called The Running Man Challenge has swept the nation. It all started when University of Maryland students Jared Nickens, Jaylen Brantley, and Damonte Dodd began dancing to the 20-year-old Ghost Town DJs hit song “My Boo.” This subsequently caught the attention of New Jersey residents Kevin Vincent and Kerry Hall who began posting videos of the dance online.

The original Running Man dance originated in the late 80’s and was popularized by Janet Jackson, MC Hammer, Bobby Brown, and Vanilla Ice. Watch below (or just ask your parents to show you how it’s done).

But like the dance memes “The Nae Nae” and “The Dab” before it, The Running Man Challenge has compelled internet users from all over the world. Between kids, adults, and college and professional sports teams, thousands of users posted their attempt on Instagram and Facebook. The campiness of the off-kilter choreography mixed with a song from the 90’s only means can only mean one thing: the worse your dancing is, the more props your video gets. We’ll show you what we mean.

Humble beginnings of The Running Man Challenge

@jaybriddle_1 @damontedodd35 😂😂

A video posted by Jared Nickens (@jnickens_) on

Who wanna battle?????? @jnickens_

A video posted by Jaylen Brantley (@jaybriddle_1) on

And as with the nature of all things viral, things got awesomely weird.

getting in on the dance trend before hillary does it @andrewleegoble @alexreside @chrisgayomali

A video posted by Jake Woolf (@_jakewoolf) on

When you’re @GoodMorningAmerica and you get struck with #therunningman bug! #therunningmanchallenge

A video posted by Miesha Tate (@mieshatate) on

#runningmanchallenge #raphael #ninjaturtles 🐢👺

A video posted by sensaii Negro Diamante (@deontaes_fungshwayy) on

The viral craze even took to daytime television where it claimed ABC WNN news anchors Kendis Gibson and Diane Macedo as its latest victims.

Even Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski attempted The Running Man Challenge after taking a break from hitting the weights.


Think you can handle the #RunningManChallenge? Post your own video on our Facebook page and see if you have what it takes. Cue up Ghost Town DJs below and start dancing.

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