Doing their part to help out displaced workers in the music industry during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hip-Hop duo Run The Jewels have released special edition t-shirts that instruct people on how to stay clean and safe.

Based on the hand-washing memes inspired by, which allow people to choose a song and receive an infographic of a proper 20-second hand-washing technique paired with that track’s lyrics, these RTJ shirts were designed by Nick Gazin and boast a similar diagram. To differentiate themselves, however, this offering utilizes the monstrous hands used on each of the duo’s albums and features lyrics from six different Run the Jewels tracks: “Ooh La La,” “Close Your Eyes (and Count to Fuck),” “Stay Gold,” “Oh My Darling,” “Hey Kids” and “Everybody Stay Calm.”

While the Georgia-based group was looking at a busy 2020, their hopes were dashed, along with the plans for their touring crew. “For Run the Jewels one of the most difficult things has been our inability to provide our hard-working friends from the RTJ touring team the income they were counting on from our touring schedule to be able to survive,” the band said in a statement. “In the music business, no one has been hit harder than the amazing people that are behind the scenes, busting their ass to make the live performances happen. These T-shirts were created to help the men and women who are the backbone of every live performance we do while they wait to be able to work again. We love them very much.”

All proceeds from shirt sales will go to the touring crew and each purchase will come with a downloadable poster of an image to match that of the T-shirt selected.

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Photo: Julio Enriquez