Robin Schulz struck gold with his summery beach anthem “OK.”

And it doesn’t hurt that the track features soulful crooner James Blunt.

The playful pop-house ode to unconditional love which features a mindlessly skippy rhythm to the “It’s gonna be OK” pre-chorus has been a favorite of ours since it dropped in May. Today, the German producer today released a seven-track remix package for the song, which he wrote and produced with Blunt exclusively.

Heyder heads up the release with a burst of energy and a sublime festival style drop. Ofenbach, StadiumX, Sylvain Armand, and John Garrison join in on the fun with thier own diverse dance interpretations. Black Saint‘s remix is the standout on the package, with the UK crew bringing in nostalgic soulful and funky house sounds from the ’90s. Hear that Nightcrawlers horn?

Hear Black Saint’s take on “”OK” as well as the rest of the remix package below via Spotify.

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