Flume fans will recall the artist’s 2019 track “Let You Know” as a spare, plucky affair featuring vocals from the one-and-only London Grammar. Now, Robin Hannibal – known widely for his work with Rhye and collaborations for artists including Kendrick Lamar and Little Dragon – has given the single a full-on disco twist.

The new edition of the Future Classic-released tune amps up the original via the use of a string section that helps to evolve the song into a full-on disco cut complete with a thumping bassline and rhythm guitar. “My inspiration was late 70s/early 80s bougie boogie records,” Hannibal said in an interview. “[It’s] an era I love and miss in modern music, with its lush instrumentation, great musicality and interesting arrangements.”

For this edit, Hannibal completely deconstructed the Australian DJ/musician’s original, opting instead to scrap almost all of Flume’s ideas and inject his own style on which he placed the London Grammar vocal. “I didn’t use any of the parts, chords or rhythms from the original song,” he says, “as I wanted to create a different sentiment in the music that I felt could match the bitter sweet melancholy in the vocal melody.” Listen to the brand new “Let You Know” below.

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