Though Rezz has been putting out music nonstop at the same time that she has been touring around the world, she now has even more material ready to go.

After dropping her debut Mass Manipulation in 2017 via mau5trap, Isabelle Rezazadeh wasted no breath in starting work on her sophomore album, Certain Kind Of Magic, released just the year after. Currently in 2019, with a ton of headline shows scheduled and so much music out already, the Canadian DJ/producer is taking a step back and slowing things down… with a simple EP.

The project has been talked about for some time, yet Rezz only confirmed its completion in the past couple of days. In a statement, she based the release timeline on “preparing the assets/video” which need to be fleshed out, as well as formulating a solid rollout plan. With everything that has been hinted at so far, this highly-anticipated EP will come with a ton of bells and whistles to complement her already original bass-heavy style. Stay tuned for the drop.

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