Today is Red Nose Day–a day that raises awareness for kids around the world who are in need.

A charity created by Walgreens, Red Nose Day is an organization that utilizes the talents and influence of celebrities in order to raise awareness for all the children and young people in need education, housing, and healthcare. In addition, a live two-hour primetime will air on NBC tonight for the second year in a row. Hosted by comedian Craig Ferguson, the Red Nose Day special will include a variety of Hollywood stars, comedic acts, and live musical performances. Neighbors 2 actors Seth Rogen, Chloë Moretz and Rose Bryne are just among the few to make an appearance. In addition, musical stars such as Elton John, Blake Shelton, and Ludacris are among more than sixty-five celebrities all set to appear.

The show was hosted by Seth Meyers last year, raising $23 million dollars for children around in the world in need, as Meyers encouraged donors to “be funny for money.” All proceeds go towards building programs aimed at their cause in all 50 states as well as 15 other countries. For more information about Red Nose Day and how you can contribute, visit the official website. Be sure to tune in tonight to watch the special at 9PM ET on NBC. Check out the hilarious trailer.