Radiohead just uploaded approximately 18 hours worth of material from the band’s OK Computer era and the reasoning behind the unexpected release is quite interesting.

According to the band, a hacker got ahold of some mini disc files recorded from 1995 – 1998 and demanded a $150,000.00 ransom, giving the iconic group an ultimatum. Either the band had to give up the money, or the stolen sessions would be released to the public. Underestimating how little Radiohead cared about the unseen tapes, the antagonist was foiled in their attempt to make a massive financial gain.

Radiohead took matters into their own hands and decided to release the music of their own free will so that fans can still enjoy the collection of music they call “not v interesting.” They added, “it may as well be out there.” In summation, the hacker’s plan totally backfired and for the next 18 days fans can download the 18 mini disks and 18 hours worth of material for just £18. Funds will go to climate change activism group Extinction Rebellion. The material can be found here.

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