Following a four-year hiatus from the scene, Project 46 have returned in the most proper way possible by dropping a nostalgic Avicii tribute track called “Live Forever.”

Paying homage to their friend, the Canadian duo went all the way back to the early 2010’s with a high-flying but heartfelt production. Inspired by Tim’s own melodic sensibilities, the Canadian duo open with organic guitar instrumentals and uplifting melodies before progressively building and dropping into a classic, festival-worthy explosion of sound. Accompanied by hopeful vocals, the whole tune sounds like Tim Bergling himself had a hand in the song. Listen to “Live Forever” here.

This payment of homage follows the compilation album TIM, that dropped one year ago, via the help of Avicii’s surviving parents, friends and collaborators. They picked up the pieces to a project that was already in-progress and created the super-effort that can be found below.

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Photo: M_Hartman Photography