Two years ago, Kendrick Lamar was spotted at Paisley Park where he took to the stage and joined Prince in performing his 1998 single “What’s My Name” off the album Crystal Ball. Recently, Paisley Park and Yahoo! released footage of this rare, never-before-seen collaboration where both musicians can be heard onstage trading improvised verses over a rocksteady beat. Lamar received an invitation to the estate to celebrate the release of Prince’s albums Plectrumelectrum and Art Official Age. But this wasn’t the first time the duo had hooked up.

Earlier this year, the two were in talks of working on Lamar’s song “Complexion (A Zulu Love),” but the collaboration never happened due to scheduling conflicts.

“Prince heard the record, loved the record and the concept of the record got us to talking. We got to a point where we were just talking in the studio and the more time that passed we realized we weren’t recording anything. We just ran out of time, it’s as simple as that,” stated Lamar.

Prince gave the Compton-based rapper well-deserved praise, stating “He just has something he has to say. It’s pure. And with Thundercat on the [To Pimp A Butterfly]? Come on. You’re not taking ‘Alright’ off my playlist!” Watch their onstage collaboration below.