In the wake of the two-year anniversary of Prince’s death this past weekend, it has been announced that we will be receiving more from the eclectic artist.

Entertainment advisor (and global head of creative services for Spotify) Troy Carter took over Prince’s estate, including the “vault” of music that the artist kept and will be releasing an album of unreleased tracks on September 28th. Apparently, this vault was a series of rooms that contained hours upon hours of jams and full songs and music videos. According to certain speculations, there is enough music to release full albums for 100 years.

Carter spoke in a statement about the things they are finding in the estate: “Just two weeks ago we were doing a tape transfer and in one of the two-inch boxes we found the original lyrics to ‘Kiss!’ It’s amazing, the things that are starting to surface.”

We won’t know much about what will be released until September, so maybe the new line of official Prince merch will hold you down until then.

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