After much speculation among groups of hardcore fans, it has finally been confirmed that Pretty Lights is back in the studio, creating new tunes with past collaborator Illuminati Congo, as well as his little brother Motifv.

Jahn Hooks of Illuminati Congo recently posted on his Instagram with a photo of PL, captioned it, “Sound sorcery with the G’s @prettylights and @motifvmusic” and let listeners go crazy. The three are not strangers to working together, as they all appeared at Pretty Lights’ 10th anniversary Red Rocks concert to play their respective works on stage.

The exhibition that took place in August of 2018 was met with mixed reviews, as it saw Derek Vincent Smith go way off script to accommodate Jahn Hooks’ vibe, whereas Motifv’s sound is much like his older brother’s. So far, there is no more information regarding this current session, leading many to guess as to whose project the three are working on. Until they drop a song, check out the teaser below.

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Photo: theaudi0slave