Included on Piper Madison‘s most recent Bug On A Camel-release project is the touching “Little Bit of Rain” complimented with the Chris Cox remix collection.

The singer-songwriter taps into our hearts with this low-key ballad that canvasses her feelings for another when she sings: “I’ve got rocks in the blood stream, too much of you in my veins/ But you can water down honey, with a little bit of rain/ they say we’re all the same, but you move differently/ you’re honest in your letters, sign them all ‘sincerely'” over a production of light guitar and distant percussion. All the pieces come together to create a powerful composition about the back-and-forth of love. Listen below.

In addition to the original, Grammy-nominated and globetrotting deejay/producer Chris Cox weaves his production magic around this independent artist release, turning the energy of “Little Bit of Rain” up to 11 and into a global, dance-floor-ready filler.

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