For those who can’t get enough channels for their performances, Pioneer DJ has broken the mold with their first-ever six-channel DJ mixer.

Geared toward techno and tech house DJs that are known to use a lot of live and analog gear, the new DJM-V10 will make waves in a market that the hardware company has yet to tap into.

As for the technical specs, the new addition to Pioneer’s line of technology features a variety of tools a typical DJ might find extraneous or over the top. To a layman, the sheer amount of knobs and buttons on the mixer can be overwhelming but for diehard fans, in addition to the six channels, the DJM-V10 boasts master isolators, four band EQ, per-channel compression knobs come with built-in FX (Short Delay, Long Delay, Dub Echo, and Reverb).

Pioneer DJ

For a more in-depth analysis of the mixer, those interested can go to DJ Tech Tools here. Pioneer DJ’s DJM-V10 will be available starting in early February 2020, priced at $3,199. Find out more on Pioneer DJ’s website.

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