Though the global lockdown has prevented most artists from performing, it’s not stopped their creative process from inside their homes. Proof positive is a new partnership between Pharrell and Soundcloud that hopes to encourage and amplify the talents of bedroom producers.

By the end of March, music-sharing platform SoundCloud confirmed a 50 percent increase in traffic through some 30,000 + downloads with many socially-distanced related titles. In response to this significant uptick, SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor started an initiative to give back to the community by announcing a site-wide contest awarding the chance to be featured in a compilation handpicked by Pharrell Williams and his “i am OTHER” collective. The winning artists will also reap the benefits of the platform’s marketing program, Repost Select, and receive funding from it’s $10 million creator accelerator fund.

“We wanted to find a way to help artists, especially independent artists, during this unprecedented time,” Williams says. “We thought, what better way than to send out a call to action so they could share exactly how they’re feeling during this moment in time — hopeful, sad, lazy, whatever it was, we wanted to be the megaphone for that.”

Titled “SoundCloud Presents: i am OTHER, Volume 1,” the 10-track compilation is available now on SoundCloud and features unique and diverse emerging artists from different cities, genres and backgrounds.

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Photo: Karl Hab