For years, fans have wondered how singer, songwriter, vampire, and producer Pharrell Williams has managed to age so gracefully, never looking a day over 30.

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The 44-year-old hitmaker recently spoke with Dazed about his AW17 collaboration with adidas Originals and his plans for giving back to undeserved communities. During the chat, the GRAMMY Award-winning artist also revealed one of the methods he follows to preserve his flawless skin: exfoliation.

“I exfoliate like a madman. When you exfoliate and you drink a lot of water, that does good for you. To me, the key is just exfoliating, like a monster. There’s a lot of dead skin. All the time. Like a narcissistic madman.”

This is the latest skincare secret that Pharrell has provided over the past few years, during which he has not aged at all. In addition to drinking water and exfoliating, model Riley Montana revealed in another interview that Williams uses Cetaphil products as well, a line that is highly regarded by dermatologists.

In 2013, Pharrell told Into The Gloss that he follows a strict cleansing routine that involves washing his face regularly with cold water and Glytone Self-Foaming Cleanser, followed by a clearing toner and a moisturizer. All of the items on his shelf are only prescribed by his dermatologist, Dr. Elena Jones. Model-friend Naomi Campbell advised him to trust in doctors.

Now that Pharrell’s skin regimen has been released, hopefully we can all achieve his vampiric level of pristine skin.

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