Back in June, Maggie Rogers, a student at NYU’s Clive Davis institute, was participating in a masterclass hosted by Pharrell. A video of him gushing about her twinkly tune “Alaska” went semi-viral, launching Maggie’s music career into overdrive.

Since then, “Alaska” has been played nearly 20 million times on Spotify alone and the official video has arrived.

Directed by filmmaker Zia Anger, whose resume of work includes Jenny Hval, Mitski, and Angel Olsen finds Maggie and company chilling in the woods. By the end of the bubbly indie track, the small party grows to a full on rager, along with confetti, makeout sessions, and dance battles. Watch above.

Maggie Rogers is still unsigned but says she’s working on an EP. In the meantime, check out her two full-length albums, which she made in high school, available on Bandcamp here.

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