Pharrell is the latest artist to support Hillary Clinton ahead of the November 8 election.

Last evening (Nov. 3) Clinton brought Pharrell along with Senator Bernie Sanders to her campaign stop in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Grammy Award winning hitmaker spoke passionately ahead of Sanders and Clinton, covering the nominee’s stance on minimum sentencing reform, mass incarceration, pay equality, and more.

Pharrell made it clear that America is ready now, more than eve, to have a woman POTUS.

“I want to see a woman break the presidential glass ceiling on November 8th, guys and girls,” Pharrell said during his speech. “I want to see that glass shatter on the floor and I want us all to stomp on it together. You know why? Because my mother is able. Your grandmother is able. Your aunts are able. Your nieces are able. Your daughters are able.”


Watch Pharrell’s speech above.

Later today, Katy Perry joins Clinton’s next campaign stop, ahead of Jay Z and Beyoncé’s performance at the get-out-the-vote concert in Ohio.

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