Pharrell has credited A Tribe Called Quest as a key influence on his music and growth as an artist in a deleted scene from Michael Rapaport’s doc, Beats, Rhymes, & LifeNow the Hip-hop mastermind applied his signature production style to a remix of the Queens group’s iconic rap hit “Bonita Applebum.” The track first premiered on Rolling Stone.

Pharrell’s rework of “Bonita Applebum” will be one of 3 previously unreleased remixes included on a completely remastered cut of A Tribe Called Quest’s 1990 album People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm. The other two will feature Cee Lo Green’s version of “Footprints” and J. Cole‘s remix of “Can I Kick It?”

The reissue will be released on Nov. 13. You can currently pre-order the album on iTunes here, while the complete tracklist can be found below. 

1. “Push It Along”
2. “Luck of Lucien”
3. “After Hours”
4. “Footprints”
5. “I Left My Wallet in El Segundo”
6. “Pubic Enemy”
7. “Bonita Applebum”
8. “Can I Kick It?”
9. “Youthful Expression”
10. “Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)”
11. “Mr. Muhammad”
12. “Ham ‘N’ Eggs”
13. “Go Ahead in the Rain”
14. “Description of a Fool”

Bonus Tracks
15. “Footprints” remix feat. Cee Lo Green
16. “Bonita Applebum” (Pharrell Williams remix)
17. “Can I Kick It?” (J. Cole remix)