In what is being referred to as a “documentary event,” Paul McCartney reflects on his life and musical legacy during a roving conversation with world-renowned producer and former record label entrepreneur, Rick Rubin.

During the project’s first teaser both gentlemen are found discussing the Fab Four and the philosophy behind their hits: “We realized we were writing songs that were memorable, not because we wanted them to be memorable, but because we had to remember them,” McCartney tells Rubin of the Beatles music.

While McCartney didn’t share any other details about the forthcoming presentations, Deadline reported that the project is “a six-part documentary series that will amount to a behind-the-scenes magical mystery tour of McCartney’s unbelievable musical journey. Rubin will be there to explore the music and musicianship of McCartney, from his first guitar and composition all the way to through the legendary and prolific success of the Beatles.”

Introduced by the trailer below, there will be loads o’ content from the last 50-plus years.

Though the release date and streaming service/network home for the untitled documentary series has yet to be revealed, the McCartney site says, “Keep your eyes peeled in 2021 for more information.”

On top of the film announcement, today, the 78-year-old released his latest album, McCartney III, the third installment in a trio of self-named projects. McCartney played all the instruments on the effort – something that he is no stranger to, as he has done so on other songs and records. Listen to the whole McCarney III below.

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Photo: Jimmy Baikovicius