2015 has been a wonderful year for production duos in the dance music space. Whether it’s something in the air or if two heads are, truly, better than one, two acts that have consistently enjoyed collaborative success with all of their releases are Lost Kings and Halogen. And the latter just released a piano-house remix of ‘The Verge‘ by Owl City and Aloe Blacc.

The tune has already received a generous Soundcloud repost from Owl City and within 24 hours the song is nearing 20,000 plays! And if you like this remix chances are you’ll love their remixes of ‘Misterwives‘ and Zedd.

Lost Kings and Halogen have yet to mention any original forthcoming material but perhaps they’ll want to continue building the ‘buzz’ around themselves and their popular remixes.

Owl City Feat. Aloe Blacc – The Verge (Halogen Remix)