Oprah Winfrey recently recalled an awkward interaction with Leonardo DiCaprio and The Weeknd – in which she failed to recognize either one of the superstars. The TV personality and possible Presidential candidate appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show this week and discussed the awkward encounter.

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“I don’t get out much and there were so many famous people at this party,” she explained. She went on to say, “I’m standing there and I’m talking to The Weeknd – I didn’t know who he was before because he cut his hair. And Gayle [King] goes, ‘Oh, you’re talking to The Weeknd’. I go, ‘That’s The Weeknd? He cut his hair?’ And he was wearing a baseball cap.”

It also took Winfrey a while to recognize Leonardo DiCaprio – only after he was addressed by The Weeknd and discussed his movie The Aviator. Thankfully, there are pictures of the event so Oprah won’t easily forget her interaction with the Starboy and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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