Following their #41* (debut) to #27* dance chart jump, the Oliver Heldens and Shungudzo collaboration, “Fire In My Soul,” leaps into this week’s Billboard Dance Club Songs chart Top 15 at #14*

The RCA Records-released track is a celebration of the new relationship between the Netherlands native and Billboard’s 2018 #1 dance music label. Featuring input from various writers from Turkey, Zimbabwe, and North America, the composition is a true melding of minds that’s resulted in a supreme club culture recording that holds inspiration from many different perspectives.

In addition to writing lyrics, the American-born vocalist, Shungudzo, is a philanthropist, journalist and television personality, who sings “Touch me like you never touched somebody before/You are made of pure dreams, mixed with Champagne for sure/Do you ever wonder how good life could be?/You don’t have to wonder, just be next to me.”

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Grammy-nominated and world-renowned DJ/producer Chris Cox weaves his remix magic around a collection of vocal and instrumental/dub mixes that accentuate the strengths of the original version while providing a new take curated for the dance floor and dance radio communities. Listen to the West-Coast producer’s remix of Oliver Heldens and Shungudzo’s #14* charting “Fire In My Soul” below.

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