Electronic-duo Odesza has been on our radar for quite some time now. With the music scene circling in a repetitive state, Odesza continues to creative forward thinking music that has earned them a *No. 1 on Billboard‘s Top 100 for Electronic for thier remixed version of In Return: World Tour LP, along with a highly coveted Grammy nod.

The Seattle natives, consisting of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, recently sat down with Rolling Stone for an interview which they discussed everything from their early beginnings, to visiting the White House, and the the future of EDM. Check out the highlights below and catch the full interview on Rolling Stone.

On meeting each other:
“We bonded over liking all of these weird albums. It was right at the beginning of SoundCloud. And we were exchanging all these weird beatmakers we were finding that had 12 followers, and we bonded over loving so many different style of music. We like funk to soul to world music to everything, and I think that shows in a lot of our music. We take sounds from around the world. But yeah, when we first met it was probably at your house.”

On their first fanbase:
Our beginning live show demographic was purely skiers. Like, ski towns and stuff was kind of how it started. Going back even farther, our music was being first used by extreme sports stuff.”

On streaming vs. buying music:
“Streaming is the future. Buying albums and stuff will always be around, but the youth these days, they don’t download. They just have Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube. You can find anything and stream it. And the networks are so fast now, you have 4G everywhere.”

On the “old record business”:
“The record labels, this is all very new territory and they don’t really know how to handle it, how to approach it. So it’s uncharted territory. … There’s a lot of old-school people, record labels in particular, who want to run it the way they’ve been running it for years.”

On touring:
“It’s pretty humbling to see how the response has been so positive. We’re just happy, you know? Everyone seems to be liking it, and we get to keep doing what we’re doing. It’s fantastic.”

On visiting the White House:
“We were gonna meet Obama’s dogs, but the caretakers wouldn’t let us. It was really disappointing, but we got some cool pics.”

On the evolution of progressive to indietronica dance music:
“Like you’ll hear this really interesting, weird beat on SoundCloud or something and then that will get really popular online, and then you’ll see a popular, mainstream song come out that feels like someone showed them that beat and said, “Make this a Katy Perry version.” You know? So I think that’s what’s really interesting, and I think that’s really good because it actually forces all these people that would maybe not listen to that music at all get a taste of these weirder, more exotic sounds. So I think that that’s why [electronic music] is pushing that way — it’s getting pushed in the mainstream, which is great.”