After almost a year and a half of waiting for new music, we finally have a fresh new song from Odesza.

“Line of Sight” is the newest song from the duo which features a sweeping synth melody that gives a heavy pop feel to the Odesza sound. A catchy vocal melody from WYNNE provides an immediate hook, with additional vocals supplied by Mansionair.

“We linked up with WYNNE, and this song started out as an idea that he emailed to us,” Odesza’s Harrisson Mills said. “We traded versions back-and-forth, and also sent the song to Mansionair in Australia, to see if they had ideas for it. They added the backing vocals, and it fit really well with WYNNE’s lead vocal.”

If this is any foreshadowing for an upcoming album, Odesza has a great start with the massive amount of hype this song has already created. They do have large shoes to fill after “In Return,” but I think they can come up with more and different ideas to keep moving forward.

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