Odesza‘s album A Moment Apart has been taking breaths away since it dropped in September of 2017. This past November, however, the duo introduced the deluxe version creating renewed excitement complete with eight new tracks. As a further addition, the act added a selection of remixes from the original Counter Records project.

The package features versions of 6 songs, redone by Chet Porter, MEMBA, Running Touch, Mild Minds, Kodak to Graph, and ford. Each presents a vibe that compliments the body of work Odesza first released over a year ago. Listen to the latest from the Seattle-born producing team below.

Odesza, who broke onto the scene via their remix of Pretty Lights’ “One Day They’ll Know” made further waves with their 2014 project In Return. Since then, they have cultivated a large fan base who now experiences spectacular live performances that routinely involve a signature drum line. The EDM band has a full list of upcoming shows and festival appearances – tickets to which can be found on their official site.

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