The New York  City subway system is more than a century old, built out of multiple competing lines, and its passenger load and round-the-clock service creates an unrivaled set of stresses. For New Yorkers, a five minute train delay is enough to make them cringe. A two-hour train delay, though? That’ll drive anyone insane. But a few passengers who experienced this annoying occurrence managed to make the best of it.

Earlier this week, a Manhattan bound E train hit a standstill for one hundred and twenty minutes, leaving passengers to board a so called “rescue train” back to Queens. During that timeframe, one commuter pulled out his phone and hit play.

Thanks to Drake, The Weeknd, and Fetty Wap, a few commuters in a certain train car had an impromptu karaoke jam session to hits “Hotline Bling,” “Hold On We’re Going Home,” “Can’t Feel My Face,” and “My Way.” One straphanger even added custom lyrics about his frustrations to the originals that made everyone onboard laugh. Greg Wong caught all the footage of the delay and the hilarious hip-hop party that erupted.