While many have put their own spin on the iconic “Big Poppa,” over the years none of them have the star power of this new tune, created by the Notorious B.I.G.‘s very own son.

The newly-released House remix is a classy and stripped-down take that features minimal lyrics, but reimagines the tune in a completely different way. The instrumental, created by CJ Wallace alongside Jonathan Hay, Sarah Rush, and Willie Mack, comes from the upcoming collection Ready to Dance, co-produced by Wallace that features new dance renditions of Biggie’s music, with the rapper’s vocals omitted and samples reconfigured to create a new take on hip-hop classics.

In a statement, Hay added: “Our reimagination of ‘Big Poppa’ is laced with style and grace. With the original spirit of the Notorious B.I.G. spun into a new house classic. Dedicated to all the honeys getting money and the ravers dancing to the sounds from house gods like Martinez Brothers and Carl Cox, our aim was to create music that makes you wanna move and honor BIG’s legacy.” Give the latest take on the classic Hip-Hop tune a listen and get ready for the full on offering to come.

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Photo (Cropped): Phillip Pessar