As Noisia celebrates 20 years as leaders in the electronic music world, the beloved trio will also embark on its final chapter.

Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger met in the late ’90s as grafitti lovers in the small north Netherlands town of Groningen. A teenage rivalry blossomed into an influential partnership when they traded their spray cans for digital audio workstations. The trio blew up in the drum&bass scene but quickly spread its technical prowess into electro, house, pop and more, leading the charge for modern dance music’s genre-hopping tendencies while earning a reputation for futuristic productions and extreme attention to detail.

Throughout their 20-year history, Noisia released two albums, landmark remixes for Moby, What So Not, Katy Perry and others, discovered and mentored Skrillex, soundtracked popular video games including Devil May Cry, and developed, toured and self-controlled an eye-popping audio-visual tour.

Despite their massive success, they recently made a statement regarding their split:

“It surely wasn’t easy. So after 20 years of development and growth, we found ourselves wanting different things in music. Trying to reconcile these three individual developments into one consistent entity became too much of a compromise. For the longest time, we could each sufficiently express what we wanted in our music, but that gradually became more and more of a struggle. Instead of choosing one direction, we preferred to choose three directions. We’re still friends. We have studios in the same space. We run companies together. We will still make music together. We still have projects together, and we would like to collaborate with each other more on other projects — just not as Noisia. With everything that Noisia has become over the years, we want to keep that history of Noisia intact, as we turn the page to the next chapter.”

Fans who would like to see Noisia one last time may catch the group on their final tour that will take place throughout 2020. They plan to go out with a bang on New Years Eve 2020/2021. Stay tuned for more regarding show dates.

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