Nirvana has reportedly sued Marc Jacobs over items in the fashion designer’s current “Bootleg Redux Grunge” collection which features a take on the band’s iconic smiley face image.

The logo, which Nirvana has owned the trademark to since 1992, first appeared on a flyer for the Nevermind release party in 1991 – 27 years ago. In an effort to differentiate from the original, the Marc Jacobs version features the initials M and J instead of Xs for its eyes, and reads “HEAVEN” instead of “NIRVANA” in a typeface similar to the band’s Onyx font. See the similarities between the two images below.

The designer’s use of the logo is not likely to go unnoticed by fans as well, seeing that the Washington-based band has sold over 75,000,000 records and left impressions on many more fans since their first release. Jacobs’ actions could constitute copyright infringement and/or other actionable offenses.

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