Following its breakout effort on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart, NIK:11‘s “KICKBACK” has moved up to occupy the #50* Debut position on this week’s edition of the survey.

Released via Underground Angel Music, this recording is a high-powered EDM banger that sees the DJ/producer herself singing and interacting with fellow musicians to create one big and awesome hangout. The lyrics “Wanna drive, work it right/ Curves ahead, nasty tonight/ Kickback let’s ride” provide a look into the hedonism of NIK:11’s creation and are laid atop an energetic synth-instrumental.

Since its appearance on the Billboard Dance chart, “KICKBACK” has accrued multiple remixes conducted by renowned DJ/producers Scotty Boy & Luca Debonaire as well as fresh takes from Dirty Werk. The host of new versions provides a rendition for everyone’s tastes. Check out one of the editions of this week’s #50* Debut track here.

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