Nielsen Music released its 2018 Music 360 Report focusing on the live music business on November 15th. After polling some 3,100 Americans, their data showed that 52 percent of the U.S. population attends some sort of live music event each year.

“It’s definitely growing,” Matthew Yazge said about that 52 percent figure. “Artists rely heavily on touring. We’ve seen, specifically, festivals continuing to increase… I don’t think we’ve hit the peak [of festival attendance] yet, so I would anticipate that to continue growing in the future as well.”

Within the category of those who attend live events, 68 percent attended a concert, 66 percent a free outdoor community event involving music, 51 percent a small live session at a bar or café, 44 percent a music festival and 43 percent a club night featuring a live DJ.

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These people are also avid listeners outside of the live environment. “These people are not shy in buying tickets. It’s all about the experience,” Yazge said, noting that attendees spend an average of 33.5 hours a week listening to music. “They’re listening to more than a full day of music in their average week.”

This news is promising information for live artists and some recording artists, but for those who do not, or cannot tour often, they will most likely be missing out on good money.

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