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Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys has been accused of sexual assault and rape in a new blog post by Melissa Schuman, a member of the formerly-Diddy-managed pop group DREAM.

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Emboldened by an October post on RadarOnline about an another unnamed accuser who accused Carter of assaulting her at a party, Schuman decided to speak out about her experience with Carter, which, according to her account, would have taken place circa 2002. She wrote:

I certainly don’t want to be “known” for this. I never wanted anybody to know about my story. I wanted to lock it in a box in my mind and let the memories slowly suffocate as time went on. I feel I have an obligation now to come forward with the hope and intention to inspire and encourage other victims to tell their story. We are stronger in numbers. If you are reading this and you have been assaulted, know you don’t have to be silent and you are not alone. I know it’s scary. I’m scared. I believe you. I stand with you and together I hope we can bring light to things that have been lost in the darkness for so long.

According to Schuman, the alleged incident occurred during a small social gathering in Carter’s apartment in Santa Monica, when both of them were cast in a TV movie together. Carter allegedly plied her and her friend with liquor and then, following some consensual kissing, performed oral sex on Schuman against her will. Carter then allegedly forced her to do the same to him, after angrily berating her for refusing to do so. Schuman said that Carter then raped her. “Again, I told him that I was a virgin and I didn’t want to have sex,” she wrote. “I told him that I was saving myself for my future husband. I said it over and over again. He whispered in my ear as to entice me, ‘I could be your husband.’“

You can read Schuman’s full account here. She previously posted generally about sexual assault and misconduct in Hollywood and the music industry on her blog last month.

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