In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death many a musician has made his/her voice heard via social media and joining the march, letting fans know that racism has no place in this world.

With protests and riots spreading throughout the world, from Minneapolis, to Los Angeles and New York, and Germany to Japan, there are no shortage of demonstrations. Wearing a black shirt featuring Floyd’s final words, “Please I Can’t Breathe,” written across the front, actor and musician Nick Cannon took to the streets this weekend as he marched with Minneapolis protesters on May 29th. In subsequent posts, he said “We All Tired of it…,” “THEY GON HEAR US LOUD AND CLEAR!!!” While the celebrity drew significant attention, he kept the message focused on the group.

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly was another musician who participated in protests, and posted videos to his Instagram stories in a black mask at a May 30th rally, holding a sign that read “Silence Is Betrayal.” He too, later shared black and white photos standing in solidarity with the cause.

Halsey offered a different view as she detailed her day on the front lines. According to the singer, her group faced retaliation from police forces, with people being hit by projectiles. Most of the gathering was affected by tear gas as she took to the internet to share her story: “I dont know how to articulate the horrors of today,” she tweeted. “NG + officers firing rounds into kneeling crowds. We dont have enough medics on the ground on our side.” See the rest of her posts below.

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Photo: Benjamin Thomas