In lieu of the many COVID-19 related, music festival cancellations including South by Southwest, a replacement event has recently appeared in the form of We Can Do Magic.

Rather than acting as a festival geared for attendees, the aim is to help out those artists and music industry professionals who saw their plans fall through as companies pulled out of the original SXSW before it was wholly canceled. “There’s about two or three groups on Facebook that have complete schedules lined up for artists that are misplaced, people who are building stages, for bartenders, for door guys — it’s a huge community effort,” says one DJ who was slated to play multiple events.

The new festival will run March 16th through the 22nd, with shows scheduled at the same venues that were previously slated to host official SXSW events. Red River Cultural District, a merchant’s association that comprises 50 live-music venues and other establishments in downtown Austin, also launched a GoFundMe campaign, “Banded Together ATX,” which has thus far raised more than $25,000 to provide relief for those in the live-music community.

Stay tuned for updates on this alternate gathering initiative aimed at helping artists and other industry professionals during this difficult time.

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Photo: Jana Beamer