The recent FDA-approved Pfizer and Moderna vaccines signify a desperately needed light at the end of the COVID-19 virus tunnel as Operation Warp Speed contributes to millions of doses for the United States and the world.

Under its new $1.95 billion deal implemented by President Donald Trump, Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech will provide an additional 70 million doses by the end of June and 30 million more by the close of July. This effort compliments Moderna who has promised millions of doses as well. As officials predict that all who want the dose will be immunized by the close of Summer 2021, it has specific implications for the music industry.

As the live music sector of the entertainment industry has shut down since March 2020, many an artist and behind-the-scenes employee have been out of work for three quarters of this year. The development and implementation of vaccine protocol signifies an imminent return to concerts making it safe for people to gather in large groups. The widespread availability of the injected medication is a much needed “shot in the arm” with an earlier Live Nation mandate that venues may keep those who are not vaccinated from attending shows.

Watch this space for updates on vaccines and how they will impact the live music sector.

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Photo: ZaldyImg