After an absence of seven years, My Chemical Romance returned to the stage on Friday night (December 20th) at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium for a career-spanning set that encompassed some of the most memorable moments from their four studio albums. 

The New Jersey-based band’s return felt very appropriate seeing that modern stars such as Halsey, Yungblud, and the late Lil Peep have professed their love for the group’s music, and their willingness to speak about mental fragility with the kind of honesty that was uncommon during the early 21st century.

As for the show itself, the first half contained classic deep cuts such as “Make Room!!!” (included on the 2013 compilation Conventional Weapons) and a brutal “You Know What They Do to Guys Like Us in Prison” featuring Youth Code’s Sara Taylor adding guest vocals. MCR further took their fans through a timeline of their discography until ending up at the crowning jewel of the performance: a fitting exhibition of “Welcome to the Black Parade.”

While they may not have played any new material for now, but My Chemical Romance have reformed with a vigor that suggests they’re looking forward just as much as they are looking back. Stay tuned for more.

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