Has online streaming killed TV ratings for good? Despite boasting an all-star lineup including performances from RihannaBeyoncé, and Britney Spears, the MTV VMAs were not a success. The show reached its lowest ratings Sunday night, with a viewership of 6.5 million (3.5 million lower than last year’s rating of 10 million). The awards show featured memorable performances and appearances by the biggest names in music, and included the expected rant by Kanye West. Yet despite its moments, the show reached an all-time low. What gives?

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani calls Beyoncé’s VMA performance ‘a shame’

MTV reports that over 70% more people were streaming the awards show from their homes than the previous year. That equates to 62.8 million video plays, with Facebook streams up an impressive 938%. While overall viewership decreased, the spike in digital streams is just one indicator of how people will consume mainstream media for the years to come.

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