With innumerable festivals and brands such as Tomorrowland Winter, Ultra Miami canceling some of their biggest events, a select few gatherings stay the course and will continue as scheduled in the face of a spreading Corona Virus.

Of the highly-anticipated upcoming happenings, Buku Project in New Orleans, Movement in Detroit, and Rampage in Belgium have all confirmed their events remain on schedule.

“Buku is on,” writes the festival. “We are monitoring the current global health situation carefully and will work with all appropriate authorities to ensure a safe and healthy Buku 2020.” “Movement 2020 will move forward as planned and with safety as a top priority,” the techno event tweeted. “We are actively monitoring for updates and further developments.” Rampage in Belgium issued the following statement: “Given the current situation, there is no reason to expect that Rampage will not be able to take place. We are being advised by the competent authorities and are following their instructions with care.”

Festivals with a large international following are most at risk, as attendees from other countries could possibly transport the illness infecting those around them.

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Photo: Malagalabombonera