Miley Cyrus is definitely up to something as she has posted the latest teaser for her upcoming album, now with a specific date.

The brief video is cryptic and confusing as it opens with the word “She,” followed by an image of a bee pollinating a flower, then “Is,” succeeding a burst of fireworks, and, finally, “Coming,” accompanied by a whale shooting water out of its blowhole. The entire phrase then flashes across the screen along with the date May 30.

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The Tennessee native gave no explanation for the clip while fans reacted in a variety of ways with some making comments ranging from “we love some code!!” to “these visuals confuse me” and “*Miley’s Voice* WHAT DOES IT MEAN????” Cyrus has previously released information regarding the effort, with one instance being on the Met Gala red carpet when she teased a snippet of a song believed to be titled “Bad Karma.” Furthermore, she noted her involvement with production savant Mark Ronson, saying they “have worked on a bunch of songs on my next record, so I was kind of just in this creative space.”

Officially, neither Miley nor her label have revealed the name or release date for her seventh album.

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