Miley Cyrus is the newest celebrity to give Corey Feldman support after his appearance on the Today Show. The former child star, known for his starring roles in The Goonies and Stand By Me, was more than upset over the public reaction to his performance. Social media outlets were inundated with harsh criticism over Feldman’s performance of his single “Go 4 It” off his latest album Angelic 2 The Core.


The 45-year-old actor and singer posted a now-deleted video in which he expressed how hurt he was by the public reaction and claimed he didn’t even want to get out of bed. However, a few celebrity endorsements later and Feldman was ready to appear on The Talk in order to defend his performance. He addressed his lack of ‘street cred,’ even stating that Go 4 It is currently No. 32 on the Billboard Top 40. People reports that The Today Show even invited him back for an encore.

“I wanted people to see the real emotion that i was feeling. In today’s world people always hide behind their publicist, they hide behind masks, behind statements and quotes. You never really see how it affects people’s emotions.”

“I’m not a fake I’m a real person. I’m made of flesh and blood and I cry.” Watch the video below.

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